Summer Camp

  • Monday-Friday 9 am-1 pm daily

  • Open to riders of all levels, ages 7+

  • One riding lesson daily, including fun and unique riding experiences!

  • Arts and crafts and horsemanship activities

  • $450/week with a $225/week non-refundable deposit due on registration 

Session Dates:

Session 1: June 20th – June 24th

Session 2: June 27th – July 1st

Session 3: July 11th – 15th

Session 4: July 18th – 22nd 

Session 5: July 25th – 29th (FULL)

Session 6: August 1st  – 5th

Session 7: August 15th – 19th (FULL)

Session 8: August 22nd – 26th

Email us to sign up!


IEA Camp

IEA is a competitive team sport. Riders compete with either a high school or middle school age team, and accumulate points both individually and collectively, with the potential to progress to postseason competition: regionals, zones, and nationals. No rider needs to own a horse, and riders do not bring horses to competitions. They compete on horses provided by the host team, selected by random draw. This levels the playing field so with a little bit of luck, and a lot of skill, any rider can place well regardless of whether or not they’re in a financial situation to be able to compete on their own horse. All riders who are comfortable cantering on multiple horses are welcome and must commit to one IEA practice and one lesson per week. IEA camp is optional for IEA team members, but gives everyone a jump start on the regular season which starts in September.

  • Tuesday - Friday 9 am-12 pm daily

  • Open to riders entering 5th-12th grade who are already cantering in their weekly lessons

  • IEA specific prep including horse swaps, team building, and horsemanship activities

  • $325/week with a $150/week non-refundable deposit due on registration

Session Dates:

IEA week 1: July 5th - 8th

IEA week 2: August 9th – 12th

Email us to sign up!